The science BEhind Ozone

After a storm, the refreshing scent you notice is OZONE, a gas produced by the lightening in thunderstorms that can generate up to 200 tons of it. While rain cleans the earth, Ozone works as nature’s sanitizer, clearer and deodorizer. It eliminates odors, pollution, germs and even pollen, thereby purifying the air.

Our suite of Air and Water products bring the benefits of Ozone, proven through research, product development, and testing, from the lab to your home or business. Ozone has countless applications in personal, medical, safety, scientific, educational, hospitality, food service and industrial fields.

Dr. Joshua Birkebak, Ph.D., the laboratory manager at Assured Bio, discusses the scientific principles of Ozone and its numerous advantages.

Ozone is nature’s way of cleansing the environment, created when two oxygen atoms combine with a third to form O3, the molecule that makes up the Ozone layer in the stratosphere. When Ozone interacts with pathogens, it breaks apart, releasing oxygen atoms that destroy the pathogens’ cell walls. Afterward, it returns to the oxygen we breathe. 

The FDA, USDA, and EPA have approved ozone as an antimicrobial disinfectant. It’s 3,000 times faster and 50% more potent than bleach at killing pathogens like staph, salmonella, E. coli, listeria, strep, MRSA, mold, and even many viruses without leaving chemical residues.

The Chemistry

Active Diamond Electrolytic Process Technology (ADEPT) transforms regular tap water into Ozone through electrolysis.

Here’s how it works: This patented electrolysis process generates an electrical charge that temporarily splits the Oxygen (O2) molecules in water or air into individual O atoms, which come together to form Ozone (O3).  Ozone effectively oxidizes and eliminates harmful microorganisms by breaking down their cell walls and rendering them inactive, and eventually reverting back to pure oxygen (O2).

For instance, when attached to your washing machine, our Laundry System generates Aqueous Ozone (AO). This natural, water-based sanitizer combats dirt, mold, mildew, microbes and bacteria on your garments and inside your washing machine. It cleans your clothes by breaking the chemical bond between the dirt and the clothes. It also eliminates up to 99.9%+ of common bacteria and germs within 30 seconds, reverting to harmless oxygen and water after use to ensure no exposure to toxic chemicals. And no toxic detergent residue left on your clean clothes!

Ozone is highly effective at eliminating:


Covid 19 Virus

E. coli