Ozone For Laundry

Natural Cleaning and Freshening

Economize, protect the environment, and enhance the longevity of your garments!

This O3 laundry system revolutionizes laundry by converting tap water into O3, an effective oxidizing agent that purifies your clothing without the need for chemical-based detergents or heated water.

Within a mere 30 seconds, O3 eliminates over 99.9% of prevalent bacteria and pathogens, subsequently transforming back into oxygen and water, ensuring no hazardous chemicals come into contact with your skin.

Benefits include:

  • Simplified laundry process
  • Reduced laundry expenses
  • Superior cleanliness of garments
  • Improved freshness of clothing
  • Compatibility with all washing machines The Smart Laundry System not only purifies your clothing but also the water used during the wash and the washing machine itself!


Embrace our eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative and leave harsh chemicals behind! Research by leading energy and laundry organizations shows that a typical family of four, managing eight laundry loads weekly, could see savings of around $665 annually.

This approach cuts down on both detergent costs and energy bills, while also reducing plastic waste.

Our innovative system cleans, sanitizes, and freshens your laundry using a natural process that eliminates the need for detergents and hot water.

Discover a simpler, more effective, and environmentally friendly way to do your laundry!


Just select your machine’s setting, and let our advanced system handle everything else!

Our exclusive, patented technology infuses oxygen and water with a fine balance, creating a uniform O3 mixture that ensures your garments are thoroughly cleaned without any risk of damage or fading.

This system intelligently adjusts the O3 levels by monitoring several factors such as the amount of water, humidity, temperature, and water pressure, shifting between normal and boost modes as necessary to optimize cleaning.

It even comes with a portable remote control, giving you the convenience to adjust settings from afar.

Forget about the hassle of measuring, pouring, or mixing—your laundry routine just got an upgrade!


Shift away from abrasive cleansers to the power of nature!

O3, or Enhanced Oxygen, offers a non-toxic, fragrance-free cleaning agent derived from regular tap water and oxygen, eliminating the need for harmful chemical cleaners that can adversely affect your health, skin, and environment.

This natural sanitizer combats mold, mildew, and bacteria on your garments and inside your washing machine. It can eliminate up to 99.9% of common bacteria and germs within 30 seconds, transforming afterward into harmless oxygen and water to ensure no exposure to chemicals.

Produced naturally by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, O3 is generated by phenomena such as waterfalls, ocean waves, and during thunderstorms, providing a powerful yet gentle cleaning solution.

Embrace cleaning with the efficiency of nature itself!


SHOP WITH ASSURANCE: Should you find yourself dissatisfied for any reason, you have the option to return the product within 30 days for a full refund, excluding the cost of return shipping. Plus, enjoy a 1-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects or issues.

SIMPLE SETUP: This system is designed for straightforward, do-it-yourself installation, requiring no professional plumbing or electrical help. All you need is a set of channel-lock pliers and a Phillips head screwdriver. We include everything you need for installation: two stainless steel hoses, a wall mount, three wall anchors, and a power supply.

IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Utilizing a powerful yet skin-friendly oxidizing agent, this system is compatible with many dermatological treatments for various skin conditions. It’s an excellent choice for anyone, from infants to those with skin sensitivities to chemical detergents. Your skin will feel the difference.

COLD WATER WASHING: Say goodbye to hot water and detergent. This attachment allows for effective washing in cold water, offering savings on both your heating bill and the expense of chemical detergents, not to mention avoiding irritating fragrances and dyes. Feel free to mix whites and colors in your laundry.

ODOR REMOVAL: Beyond just cleaning your clothes, this system eliminates the source of unpleasant odors in both your laundry and machine. After a few uses, you’ll notice a significant reduction in those stubborn smells, especially beneficial for front-load washers prone to odor buildup.

VERSATILE SETTINGS: Tailor your washing with various modes—use “Normal” for standard loads, producing a specific amount of the cleansing agent. For heavier soiling, switch to “Boost” mode for a higher concentration, and for stubborn stains, apply your usual pre-treatment along with “Boost” mode. For those preferring no enhancement, select the “No” mode for water-only washes.

MAINTENANCE FEATURE: The system includes a maintenance mode to ensure optimal performance. When the indicator suggests, run the maintenance cycle to rejuvenate your setup, keeping it at peak efficiency.

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Each unit comes with a viewing window with LEDs to indicate that the unit is functioning properly.