Ozone For Commercial Ice Machines

This device serves as an on-demand aqueous ozone generator tailored for commercial ice machines. Designed to be easily installed on the water-in line exterior to the machine, it offers round-the-clock defense against all forms of bacteria and microbes. Additionally, it significantly diminishes the presence of mold and biofilms within the machine, extending to the bin and drain line.

The generator ensures the production of disinfectant-grade water that is devoid of bacteria for ice creation. Rather than filtering or sequestering bacteria, it eradicates them entirely, effectively targeting pathogens such as legionella, E. coli, salmonella, and staph. Moreover, it infuses a slight concentration of ozone into the ice cubes, imbuing them with antimicrobial properties.

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Bad Bugs Infographic

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"Food" for Thought!

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Eco3Ice Facts Sheet

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ENOZO's In-House Coronavirus Test Results

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Human Coronavirus Independent Efficacy Testing

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Univ. of Washington Hospital System Testimonial

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