Ozone for air purification

Sanitize Large Spaces Rapidly with the Market's Quickest and Most Effective Ozone Air and Surface Cleaner

This device is crafted to emit a swift, powerful blast of ozone, ensuring the sanitization of any space. It tackles not just the air, but all surfaces within the room as well. Once activated, it creates a vast swirl of ozone that spreads throughout the area, effectively eliminating all recognized viruses, bacteria, and microbial pollutants present.

Remove the Hassle of Buying, Storing, Recording, or Restocking Chemicals
With on-site ozone generation, there’s no longer a need to buy, keep track of, or replenish chemical supplies.

Enhance Safety and Quality Assurance
By sanitizing both air and surfaces in facilities, you can diminish and eradicate dangerous pathogens and organisms that cause spoilage.

Eliminate Persistent Smells
Swiftly and effectively enhance air quality by removing unpleasant odors from various areas.

Air and Surface Sterilization
Ozone is blended into the air and promptly distributed across your area. This system is uniquely tailored for use in spaces while they are not in use, allowing it to purify a room in mere minutes without any residual aftermath.

For Bulk / Gov’t Pricing or to Order, email mvp@wizardofozone.biz

For pricing, go to PRICING page. To Order, email mvp@WIZARDofOZ.biz

Cleanses Extensive Spaces

The Oz Pro/Air is for professional grade ozone delivery where higher concentrations and longer contact times are needed. It’s great for unoccupied-larger spaces, under homes, and for commercial uses. Mold, mildew, smoke damage, and strong odors are easily eliminated with this heavy duty machine. This is unit is designed for shock treating an area and must be used in an unoccupied space.

Commercial-Grade Ozone Generation

The Oz Pro/Air is designed for professional-grade ozone generation, ideal for applications requiring high ozone concentrations and prolonged exposure times. It is perfect for treating unoccupied, larger spaces, crawl spaces beneath homes, and commercial environments. This robust machine effectively eliminates mold, mildew, smoke damage, and strong odors. It is specifically intended for shock treatment and should only be used in unoccupied areas.
  • The Oz Pro/Air is compact enough to fit into tight spaces, like under your house, to eliminate odors.
  • It has a professional-level ozone output, robust enough to purify the air in larger areas.
  • You can select from three fan speeds to spread ozone as widely as possible throughout the space.
  • Four timing options let you disperse ozone at different intervals, and there are three repeat settings so you can operate the machine even when you’re not close by.
  • The Oz Pro/Air provides a chemical-free solution powerful enough to kill mold and mildew without leaving harmful residues or byproducts.

Sanitize and Deodorize Small Spaces With Our Portable Air Unit

Home & Office Applications

Eliminate Kitchen Odors: Maintain freshness in the kitchen by operating the device to neutralize odors from foods such as fish, cooking oils, spices, and smoke.

Bathroom Freshness: Use the device in bathrooms to mitigate odors and eliminate viruses and bacteria on commonly used items like toothbrushes, sinks, and toilets.

Neutralize Strong Odors from Renovations: Activate the device at its highest setting in areas affected by odors from new carpets, fresh paint, or glue to quickly dispel chemical smells and refresh the space.

Office Use: The device is effective in controlling odors and sanitizing common areas in the office, including reception areas, janitorial storage, and break rooms.

Versatile and Portable: Due to its compact size, the device can be used in any area where you need odor control and germ elimination.

On-the-Go Applications

Vehicles: To sanitize and deodorize your car, park it outside and run the device inside overnight on the maximum setting. For air conditioning odors, turn on the car and let it run for 20 minutes with the fan on to circulate the treatment.

Rental Cars: Combat odors left by previous users and cleaning chemicals by using the device in the car’s 12V outlet, running on a lower setting for effective odor removal.

RVs: Prevent odor buildup in closed, unoccupied RVs by running the device to maintain a fresh environment when not in use and before occupancy.

Boats: Ideal for boat owners, the device helps eliminate musty and engine odors in boat hulls and combats mold and bacteria in moist environments.

Pet Applications

Pet Zones: Keep your home odor-free and welcoming by using the device in areas where your pets spend most of their time. Great for bird and reptile cages, litter boxes, and dog beds.

For pricing, go to PRICING page. To Order, email mvp@WIZARDofOZ.biz