Ozone for
air and water

Ozone “Air & Water” Unit offers the versatility to utilize ozonated water for cleaning surfaces such as countertops and floors in your residence. It also serves as a sanitizer for clothes, dishes, toys, household belongings, and bathing pets. Additionally, it effectively eliminates bacteria from fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Home/Work Uses

Routine Sanitization

Efficiently cleanse toys, garments, dishes, utensils, and other frequently used household items.

Pet Care

Enhance the well-being of your pets using ozonated water, ideal for baths, odor elimination, hindering bacterial growth on the skin, and minimizing flea proliferation.

Floor Maintenance

Maintain hygienic floors across living areas, bedrooms, kitchens, and restrooms by preventing bacterial and mold accumulation.

Applications in Food Preparation

Fruits and Vegetables

Easily wash your produce with ozonated water to remove pesticide and fertilizer residues, and eliminate surface bacteria and viruses. Enjoy the extended freshness and enhanced flavor of your fruits and vegetables.

Meat and Poultry

Effortlessly rinse and immerse meat and poultry in ozonated water to eradicate salmonella, E. coli, and other dangerous microorganisms. This method can prolong the freshness period by 2 to 5 times and help reduce leftover hormones.


Use ozonated water to rinse and soak seafood, effectively removing any unwanted odors and destroying harmful microbes.

Uses for Personal Hygiene

Water Treatment

This device features an adjustable concentration setting for purifying water. Easily enhance the quality of ordinary tap water by disinfecting, eliminating decomposition by-products and oxidation residues, removing leftover chlorine, oxidizing heavy metals, and achieving water clarity through oxidation.

Dental Care

Utilize ozonated water for brushing teeth, rinsing, and gargling to protect against oral conditions like gingivitis and to maintain fresh breath.

Skin and Hair Care

Incorporate ozonated water into your skincare, hair cleansing, and bathing practices to stimulate skin cell activity and eradicate bacteria on the skin.

Sanitizing Hands and Dishes

Enhance your handwashing and dishwashing by using ozonated water, optimizing sanitation.


Harness the strength of nature’s ultimate purifier through O3.

The O3 Air & Water system offers a portable solution, enabling effortless relocation throughout your home to meet your needs in any space.

Featuring user-friendly timer settings, the O3 Air & Water device ensures operation at your convenience, even in your absence.

With its efficient yet secure production of ozone, this O3 unit is designed to enhance the cleanliness of your living space while prioritizing your family’s safety.

O3 Air & Water merges versatility with innovation, allowing the generation of ozone for both air purification and water treatment within a singular device.

O3 Air & Water champions a non-chemical approach, delivering a cleaning solution that is free from detrimental byproducts or residues.

Experience the ease of eradicating odors and bacteria with a simple button press on the O3 Air & Water system, eliminating the need for refills or waste disposal.

Ozone: Nature's Purifier

Introducing our O3 “Air & Water” Unit, the “Wizard of Clean”, enabling you to produce Ozone-infused Air and Water that effectively performs its cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing duties over a span of about 20 minutes before naturally reverting to oxygen. As a green and sustainable product, Ozone stands out as one of nature’s remarkable gifts.

Nature uses Ozone as a purifier to cleanse the atmosphere during periods of intense pollution. It also harnesses the electrical energy from lightning to produce Ozone, which is responsible for the crisp, refreshing scent following a storm.

Use Ozone in your home to simplify and enhance the effectiveness of cleaning routines, to disinfect meats and vegetables, to improve the quality of drinking water, and much more.


O3 Air & Water Specifications

Power Supply: 110/120V 50/60HZ

Ozone Generation: 800 mg/hour

Timer Options: Six preset durations for operation – 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, or 30 minutes. Additionally, three cyclic settings marked by a blue dot, activating the unit for 5, 10, or 30 minutes every hour until deactivated.

Size: 4.25 inches by 4.375 inches by 8.375 inches

Unit Weight: 1.6 lbs

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