Ozone Wash System for
Food Preparation

Nanobubble-Infused Ozone Prep Sink System

The NANOZONE Wash System harnesses the proven effectiveness and safety of aqueous ozone, amplified by the innovative characteristics of nanobubbles through Quail’s patent-pending delivery method. This distinctive three-in-one system transforms a regular prep sink into a cutting-edge sanitization station like no other. By eliminating the need for chemical storage, mixing, and disposal, the NANOZONE enhances food safety, quality control, sustainability, and cost savings for visionary restaurateurs, chefs, kitchen staff, and the customers they serve.

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Eliminates 99.9% of Bacteria & Viruses

Ozone, approved for use on food by the FDA and USDA, has been shown to achieve 4-log (99.99%) efficacy against E. coli and salmonella, and 3-log (99.9%) efficacy against listeria. It is also 51% more effective than chlorine at breaking down bacterial cell walls.*

Extends Shelf Life & Enhances Product Quality

Spoilage accounts for 21% of food waste. Quail’s technology reduces this waste by rehydrating products and eliminating the bacterial and fungal organisms that cause spoilage, thereby extending shelf life. On average, restaurants discard 4-10% of their purchased inventory annually. A mere 1-2 extra days of shelf life can lower costs by 10-20%.

Reduces Operational Costs

By minimizing expenses tied to waste, disinfection chemicals, labor, and potential regulatory or legal issues, the Nanozone system helps you cut costs and improve profitability.